1) Trickle Down theory ignore the impact of economic growth on

Ans: Income Distribution

2) The Comptroller and auditor General of India, does not audit the receipts and expenditure of?

Ans: Local Bodies

3) In which year Kakori Conspiracy case takes place?

Ans: 1925

4) The Taj Mahal is called a “Dream in the Marble” . Which monument is called a “Dream in stone”?

Ans: The Red Fort

5) Sex Ratio in India is measured as?

Ans: Number of Females per thousand males

6) Companion Cells are Unique to ?

Ans Angiosperms

7) Which one of the following is Insulator?

Ans Wood

8) Bubbles of air rise up through liquids due to ?

Ans Up thrust and Surface tension

9) Zeolite is ?

Ans Hydrated Sodium Aluminium Silicate

10) The Boiling point of Liquid varies as ?

Ans Pressure varies

11) The largest source of pollution in world is?

Ans Industrial Effluents

12) Which state has the highest Literacy rate?

Ans Mizoram

13) The minimum no. of member that should be present, to hold the meeting of lok Sabha is?

Ans One Fourth of Total membership

14) India’s population growth is characterized by?

Ans An increase in Birth rate and declining death rate.

15) What will you call a system of Taxation, under which the poorer sections are taxed at higher rates then richer sections?

Ans Regressive Tax

16) The most important function of an interest group is to?

Ans Form the Government

17) Which of the following is not correctly paired?

1) Shivaji-Afzal Khan
2) Nurjahan-Mahabat Khan
3) Akbar-Rana Pratap
4) Babar-Bairam Khan

Ans Nurjahan-Mahabat Khan

18) Which Desert is rich in Gold Reserves?

Ans Atacama

19) Lacrymal Glands are situated in the ?

Ans Eye Orbit

20)  The most extensive use of Molasses, after fermentation is for producing

Ans Ethanol

21) Acid rain is caused to due to pollution of atmosphere is caused by?

Ans Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur

22) The dispute over, Siachen glacier in between?

Ans India and Pakistan

23) Who wrote the famous tag line ” A thing, of beauty is joy forever”?

Ans John Keats

24) Who was the First lady governor of an Indian state?

Ans Mrs Sarojini Naidu

25) Which of the following is an application protocol?


26) Which one of the following is not a scheme/project of Current Government

a) Amrut
b) Swacch Bharat
d)  Jan dhan Yojna


27) Which is India’s First Interplanetary mission?

Ans Aryabhatt Mission

28) Why is earth having its own atmosphere?

Ans Gravity

29) Motor Skills are associated with which part of Brain?

Ans Frontal Lobe

30) Which enzyme is present in all the members of the animal kingdom except protozoa?

Ans  Amylase

31) At boiling point of liquid, its _________?

Ans Temperature remains constant.

32) A level of atmosphere, which is partly composed of electrons and positive ions is called?

Ans Ionosphere

33) In India, which tax is levied by the State Government’s?

Ans Excise Duty on Liquor

34) After Question hour, a motion moved by the member of parliament, to draw the attention of executive for discussing, a definite matter of public importance is ?

Ans Adjournment motion

35) The major objective of monetary policy is to ?

Ans Promote economic growth with price stability.

36) The only viceroy to be assassinated in India was?

Ans Lord Mayo

37) Which is not the main objective of Fiscal policy in India?

Ans To increase liquidity in Economy

38) Who was the founder of Theosophical society?

Ans Madam Balavatsky

39) India recently signed Land boundary agreement with which country?

Ans Bangladesh.

40) Which Indian is recently selected on 27th July, 2016 for the Ramon Magsaysay Award, 2016?

Ans Bezwada Wolson

41) The first filed Marshal of India was?

Ans S.H.F.J Manekshaw.

42) “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed”. Who said this?

Ans  Mahatama Gandhi

43) Who won the First medal for India at Rio Olympics?

Ans Sakshi Malik

44) The most serious air pollutant causing health hazard is ?

Ans Sulphur Dioxide

45) Helium is added to oxygen, supply of deep sea divers, because it is

Ans Less soluble in blood, than nitrogen at high pressure

46) Terylene is a condensation polymer, of ethylene glycol, and which acid?

Ans Tetraphthalic acid

47) In IT, ________ means that the Data available in the Database, is both accurate and Consistent

Ans Data Integrity

48) On a clean glass plate, a drops of water spreads to form a thin layer, where as a drop of mercury, remains almost spherical, because?

Ans Mercury is Metal

49) The smallest island country in the Indian Ocean is?

Ans Maldives

50) The chairman of the public accounts Committee, of the parliament is appointed by?

Ans Speaker of Lok Sabha.

51) Banks earns interest on

Ans Loans

52) Which is the most important factor, that determines, whether, advertising by manufacturing sector, will lead to higher sales?

Ans The Product can be differentiated

53) Which among the following is true for Supreme Court of India

a)  Federal Court
b) Court of Appeal
c) Guardian of Constitution
d) All of the above

Ans All of the Above

54) Which revolutionary leader, ended his last days as Swami of Rama Krishna Mission?

Ans Jatindrantha Bandopadhaya.

55) The Red Shirts movement was lead by?

Ans Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

56) In the context of Non-conventional energy, what is the meaning of OTE?

Ans Ocean Thermal Energy

57) The atomic bomb is based on the principle of ?

Ans Uncontrolled Atomic Fission

58) Systems running more than one process concurrently are called?

Ans Multiprogramming

59) Butter is colloid formed when?

Ans Fat Globules are dispersed in water

60) Charcoal can be made at home by burning

Ans Wood in absence of air.

61) Depletion of Ozone Layer causes

Ans Skin Cancer

62) SMOG is a combination of

Ans Smoke and Fog

63) ATM is the abbreviated form of

Ans Automatic Teller Machine

64) The Chairman of Niti Ayog is

Ans Prime Minister

65) The Film “Phoolan Devi” was directed by?

Ans Shekhar Kapoor

66) Which Scheme is not started by the NDA Government?


67) We are able to walk on earth without slipping because of

Ans Frictional Force

68) Majority of Fungal bionts of lichens belong to?

Ans Ascomycetes

69) Which organism has an open vascular system

Ans Cockroach

70) The warm and cold ocean currents are caused by?

a) Prevailing winds
b) Earths rotation
c) Variation in density of seas water
d) All of the above

Ans All of the above

71) Who was known as the second founder of Maratha Empire?

Ans Balaji Bishawnath

72) Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of Ram Rajya was?

Ans A stateless society

73) Credit Rationing in India is done by ?

74) The human faeces is yellow in colour due to the presence of pigment called?

Ans Urobilin

75) Where are coins minted in India ?

Ans Delhi, Kolkatta, Hyderabad.

76) What is the phenomenon, which established the transverse nature of Light

Ans Polarisation

77) What is the name of a memory buffer, used to accommodate a speed differential?

Ans Cache

78) What is contained in chlorophyll?

Ans Magnesium

79) Epigraphy is the study of ?

Ans Inscriptions

80) Who won the Women’s Singles Wimbledon Championship 2016?

Ans Serena Williams

81) In which field B.C Roy award is given?

Ans Medicine

82) What is Damodar Valley Corporation?

Ans Statuary Body

83) Which is the highest Gallantry Award in India?

Ans Paramvir Chakra

84) Who was recently appointed as the First Women president of Nepal?

Ans Bidhya Devi Bhandari

85) In which field Pulitzer Prize is Awarded for outstanding work?

Ans Literature and Journalism

86) Why is Carbon Monoxide is a pollutant?

Ans Reacts with Haemoglobin

87) Why is Rann of Kutch in India is famous for?

(a) Tidal and Flats
(b) Fertile Soil
(c) Dense Vegetation
(d) All of the above

Ans All of the above

88) Commercial Banks lend to which of the following priority sectors?

Ans Agriculture, small scale Industries

89) What is accounting year of Reserve Bank of India?

Ans July-June

90) What is the position of earth when it is at greater distance from the sun?

Ans Aphelion

91) The Biogas, used for cooking, is a mixture of which of the following?

Ans Methane and Carbon Dioxide

92) Who was the first women speaker of Lok Sabha?

Ans Meera Kumar

93) Which wind is blowing from the Mediterranean sea to North western part of India?

Ans Western Disturbances

94) Azolla increased soil fertility for …………… ?

Ans Rice Cultivation

95) Which of the following is not provided in the constitution?

Ans Planning Commission

96) What is the popular name of Monolithic rock shrines at Mahabalipuram?

Ans Rathas

97) What is the name of the device used to convert, alternating current into direct current?

Ans Rectifier

98) Why does ice covered in sawdust not melt quickly?

Ans Saw Dust is a bad conductor of heat.

99) Which layer of earth’s atmosphere contains the Ozone Layer?

Ans Stratosphere

100) Where is the Great Barrier Reef Located?

Ans Pacific Ocean